Why choose a intelligent hoist? What is its advantage?

The intelligent hoist is a high-intelligence, high-speed, high-precision electric hoist, which changes the mode of the traditional electric hoist operating handle, and achieves intelligent operation, high-speed and smooth handling of products, and precise positioning of products. So why choose an intelligent hoist? What are its advantages?
1.Ergonomics With the Speed ​​Intelligent Lifter, the workplace can be more ergonomic. The intelligent hoist minimizes labor and fatigue and reduces the risk of absenteeism caused by accidents and work injuries. This can improve assembly accuracy and improve product quality.
2. Safe and reliable The Speed ​​Intelligent Lifting Machine ensures safe braking of the load. When the equipment is unexpectedly powered down, the load will be held in place by an instant brake. Provides security for the operator. With weight sensing function, the hoist stops moving when the load exceeds the specified value. At the same time, there is anti-bounce function. When the load weight suddenly changes, the device will not rebound or shift, reducing the occurrence of serious accidents.
3. Unique design The intelligent hoist's drive technology guarantees high operating speeds, ensuring high handling rates. Two unique modes of operation (sliding handle mode and floating mode) provide efficient operator support.
4. Load grabbing The spreader can be lifted and pre-tensioned to remove the load from the station without falling or suddenly being pulled up. At the same time, because the load is increased with a preset force, the equipment and the machine can be protected.
5. Assembly of the product It can suppress all load swings and uncontrollable load movements, so the assembly operation is highly safe and accurate.
6. Diversified uses In addition to the load hooks, the Speed ​​Intelligent Lifts can also be equipped with box spreaders and shaft spreaders. The spreaders can be designed according to specific products and are designed to meet the special needs of individual spreaders.
7. Convenient The sliding handle mode allows for easy control of load handling operations; switching to floating mode allows direct handling and towing loads with gentle movement. Targeted speed adjustments are available to meet a variety of operating mode requirements.
8. High efficiency The Speed ​​Intelligent Lifter only requires power supply; thanks to its plug-in connection, it can be put into operation quickly. At the same time, any complicated installation and maintenance of the additional media supply can be dispensed with.
9. Safe balance The Speed ​​Intelligent Lifter balances the load perfectly – without the need for any specific positional differences. Unique load grabbing, the workpiece can be easily placed in the work station or removed from the work station. Product assembly, components can achieve fast and efficient positioning.