When using the electric hoist, be wary of the oil leakage of

When using the electric hoist, be wary of the oil leakage of the reducer. The reducer is a very important part of the structure of the electric hoist. For the reducer, there is often some oil leakage during the operation. In the face of this fault, the user is operating the device. What should we pay attention to? Let us take a look at this issue together.

If the user finds that the electric hoist's reducer leaks oil, it needs to check it. For example, users need to see if there are some defects between the box and the cover, for example, some seals are damaged. Or no, if you find this situation, you need to replace it in time.  

There is also the case that the oil leakage of the reducer may also be caused by the fact that the connecting screw is not tightened, and the user is also well solved when the fault is found. The special tool can be used to tighten the screw, so that It is very easy to solve the oil spill situation.

In addition, this will happen to the over-fueling. Therefore, when users are refueling the accelerator, they need to add according to the corresponding regulations. Do not overdo it. It is not the amount of oil that users think is the more. The better, the better for the operation of the machine, in fact, the situation is exactly the opposite.

The above is the reason why some users need to check after the electric hoist reducer leaks. The users should not worry too much after discovering the fault. Only need to check carefully according to the cause of some faults. Yes, you can quickly solve the problem and ensure the smooth operation of the device.