What should I do before using the electric hoist?

1. The operator must have a detailed understanding of the composition and performance of the equipment, and carefully read the relevant information of the equipment, such as the instruction manual.
2. The electric hoist should be operated by the operator in the workshop, and the operator must fully grasp the safety operation procedures.
3. The operator should strictly check before turning on the electric hoist to confirm that the rotating system is flexible and easy to use. The various connecting fasteners are intact and well lubricated.
4. Safety inspection of brakes, wire ropes and hooks should be carried out before lifting heavy objects to ensure safety and reliability.
5. The operator should keep the hand dry, no material, keep the button dry, flexible and easy to use.
6. Check for the presence of personnel and obstructions in the lifting range of the electric hoist.
7. Repeated lifting and left and right movement tests should be carried out under no-load conditions before normal use to confirm that the mechanical transmission part, electrical part and connection part are normal and reliable.
8. Before lifting heavy objects, confirm the weight of lifting weights, and do not lift heavy objects (≤100Kg) that exceed the rated lifting weight.