What are the daily maintenance work of electric hoist? How to

As an special lifting equipment, the electric hoist is installed on some cranes. It is small in size, simple in operation, and convenient to use. It takes a long time to maintain, and then Xiaobian will tell you One said that Weifang electric hoist how to do daily maintenance.

1. The values and regulators of the safety components must not be altered without the manufacturer's permission.
2. Do not repair or modify the hoist without the authorization of the manufacturer or the trained maintenance agent.
3. Never use the cable to move the hoist back and forth or left and right.
4. Do not use the lifting hoist to pull, shake or tilt the object.
5. Do not touch moving parts.
6, if the lifting electric hoist is not well repaired (wear, deformation...) Do not use.
7. Do not subject the hoist to severe vibration. Do not use the lifting chain as a sling.
8, do not distract the operator when operating the hoist,
9. Do not let the load hang if it is not necessary.
10. If you need to move the electric hoist, you should push the load to achieve it.
11, do not use unnecessary control (avoid the use of button jog - stop - start frequent operations), no responsibility will cause the hoist overheating or even damage.
12. Do not operate the hoist with an unlicensed power supply (insufficient voltage or excessive voltage, no phase).
13, do not pull the load obliquely, the maximum allowable angle is 3 degrees.
14. In case of dangerous operation or if there is a problem with the lifting hoist (unusual noise, abnormal action...), please inform the maintenance personnel for repair.