The power-on operation, operation and shutdown of the electri

The electric chain hoist can be installed on suspended I-beams, flexible rails, cantilever crane rails and fixed lifting points. It can also be used in low-rise buildings and places not suitable for erecting overhead cranes, as well as wire rope electric hoist volume. Use in oversized places. The operation, operation and shutdown of the electric chain hoist are as follows: Start-up operation:
plug in the power supply, turn on the control power; try to run the electric chain hoist before lifting the heavy object.
Operation and precautions during operation of the chain electric hoist: lifting heavy objects shall not exceed the weight specified by the crane; it is strictly forbidden to stand or walk under heavy objects during operation; do not overload; use no oil on the brake belt; There is no safety protection in the state, no part of the human body is strictly below the lifting object; the lifting chain should be suspended vertically, and the inclination should be kept within the range of 10°-15° between the chain and the vertical line. The chain must not be turned over and twisted. When the diameter of the chain is reduced by 10% of the original diameter, the new chain should be replaced. When the chain has a plastic elongation of 5% of the original length, it must be replaced. The chain is severely rusted and cannot be used continuously; strictly follow the lifting safety operation rules, and it is strictly forbidden to hang the flammable and explosive materials; the machine should not carry people and should not splatter the corrosive items that hurt people; when lifting, the lower hooks must not be attached to the body. Contact, no less than 50mm between the two.
Shutdown operation of the electric chain hoist: After the lifting is completed, the part of the stirring motor is placed on the support frame. It is strictly prohibited to be in the hoisting state for a long time; after parking, unplug the power plug.