The explosion-proof characteristics of the explosion-proof el

The explosion-proof characteristics of the explosion-proof electric hoist are mainly determined by its material. Because it is used in special fields, it is mainly used in some special places, such as places containing explosive gases mixed with flammable gases, steam and air. When purchasing electric hoist, non-explosion-proof electric hoist can not be required in addition to the special requirements of materials, it is also required in some technical aspects, and can be divided into different protection levels.

The explosion-proof electric hoist is mainly divided into three protection levels: IIA, IIB and IIC. The temperature group is the place where the flammable gas of the T1-T4 group or the explosive gas mixture of steam and air is used. Explosion-proof electric hoist can be divided into B and C grades. Explosion-proof electric hoist is generally applicable to Zone 1 and Zone 2. The temperature applicable to explosion-proof electric hoists is mainly from T1-T6, reaching the T6 level which is the maximum temperature limit. For example, what DICCT4 stands for is: d stands for flameproof type. II stands for Class II explosion-proof, that is, factory explosion-proof. C stands for Class C explosion-proof areas, which can be used in the most dangerous areas. T4 represents the temperature group. Here is a brief introduction to the application of explosion-proof hoist:

1. In order to prevent sparks caused by mechanical friction or collision, the exposed part of the explosion-proof electric hoist shall adopt the speed limit technical measures. The winding speed of the wire rope and the reel and the running speed of the electric hoist sports car on the track shall not exceed 25m/min.

2. For the part of the explosion-proof hoist wire rope, there should be no broken wire on the surface, and the wire rope should have reliable lubrication measures to reduce the friction between the wire rope and the reel, the rope guide and the pulley parts.

3. The running track joint of the explosion-proof electric hoist should be smooth and flat, and the sports car should be free from impact or obstruction during operation.

 4. Ensure that the explosion-proof hoist sports car brakes smoothly and avoid wheel slippage.

5. If there are more than two explosion-proof hoists running on the track at the same time, anti-collision buffer device should be provided. At the same time, the material of the buffer device is strictly required, and it should be a non-metallic material, and its surface resistance should not exceed 10.

6. When there are many obstacles in the working environment of the explosion-proof electric hoist, in order to avoid the collision between the hoist hook and the metal obstacle, the warning sign should be marked outside the side plate of the hook pulley. Because of the special nature of explosion-proof electric hoist, when purchasing an explosion-proof electric hoist, you must purchase regular products. Be sure to read the instructions before use. Pay special attention to the precautions mentioned in the instructions.