The basic common sense of an electric hoist is something that

Many brands and models of electric hoists have been introduced on the market. We often see such devices installed on gantry cranes and cranes to help you carry out lifting operations. Especially for the docks, warehousing, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields, such a device can definitely bring convenience to everyone. Let's take a quick look at some of the basic common sense of the hoist during use.

Basic knowledge of electric hoist  First, I want to run more smoothly in the later stage. When selecting, I must purchase equipment that meets the site conditions and working environment, because each model of the gourd has its own performance characteristics, specifications and dimensions. It is recommended that you use it in combination with actual use. Demand and site conditions to choose from.  

Second, the installation of such lifting devices is also quite critical. Before the installation procedure is completed, the power-on operation cannot be performed, and the test operation can be performed without load.  

Third, the operation of the electric hoist must be carried out by professionals. The staff of the post must undergo systematic training and pass the professional assessment before they can work.  

Fourth, if during the process of using such equipment, if the equipment is found to have an abnormal phenomenon or a different degree of fault, the power must be cut off immediately, and the superior should be reported in time to request professional maintenance personnel to come and deal with it. After the anomaly, you can restart the work.  

Fifth, according to the use of this type of electric hoist, it is necessary to take corresponding lubrication measures, especially for the selection and storage of lubricating oil, and it should not be sloppy. Remember to use degraded or contaminated lubricating oil products.  

Sixth, it is recommended to regularly check the consumable parts of each part, and replace the parts according to the degree of wear, so as to avoid all kinds of fault problems in time.  

Seventh, after each maintenance and overhaul, you should take the form of written records, so that problems may occur in the future, and there may be traces. In recent years, more and more manufacturers have begun to purchase such lifting devices.

Electric hoists are a kind of mechanical equipment that helps users in all walks of life to improve labor efficiency and ensure work efficiency. It can not only effectively improve the working conditions of workers. It can reduce the labor intensity of the staff. I hope that through the above brief introduction, we can have a deeper understanding of the common sense of such lifting hoist devices.