Talking about the all-round inspection of wire rope electric

The inspection of the wire rope electric hoist is part of its daily maintenance. The newly installed or the electric hoist that has been overhauled and reused for more than one year should be inspected according to the relevant installation test regulations before use.

During the daily inspection, it is necessary to ensure that the working place is free of obstacles within the walking range of the operator; there should be no abnormality on the running track; the button device should be sensitive and accurate in lifting, lowering and left and right running. At the same time, one set of button electric hoist shall not be operated; when the limiter and the empty hook are raised to the limit position, the limit position shall be accurate and reliable; the hook shall be 360° in the circumference and 180° in the vertical direction, and the rotation shall be flexible; the pulley rotates There is no card group and rubbing, the hook nut anti-loose device is not abnormal, the hook port locking device is normal; the wire rope should be observed daily according to of GB5972; the brake, lifting and lowering and running brake should be sensitive and reliable; The rope guide and other safety devices are normal, safe and reliable.
Monthly inspection: According to the importance of the structure of the electric hoist in the safe operation, the frequency of use and the wearing parts, etc. to determine the inspection cycle, generally divided into three levels; Grade I: must be checked once a month; Level II: Must be checked every three months; Level III: must be checked every six months.