Mastering the operating elements of the wire rope electric ho

There are many types of wire rope electric hoists, which have different results according to different types of division. According to the wire rope electric hoist lifting speed type, it can be divided into single speed and double speed. Customers must distinguish between single speed and double speed when purchasing wire rope electric hoist. The existence of the wire rope electric hoist brings high efficiency to our daily work, ensuring the safety of the staff and improving the work efficiency. This requires us to operate the wire rope electric hoist correctly.

First, after purchasing this type of equipment, it needs to be properly installed before it can be used. Therefore, we must first pay attention to the installation location. Remember to select the operating environment that meets the standard according to the size and characteristics of the entire lifting equipment.  

Second, after confirming that the wire rope electric hoist is installed correctly, you can start the equipment to carry out the relevant empty vehicle trial operation. At this time, you should observe the wire rope hoist to see if there is abnormal noise or other abnormal phenomena. If found, it must be You can restart again after you stop running the exclusion.  

Third, for wire rope electric hoist machinery, lubrication measures are very important. During maintenance or maintenance, it is necessary to observe whether the transmission parts have sufficient lubrication conditions and oil on them. At this time, it is strictly forbidden to apply directly by hand, and professional brush tools must be used.  

Fourth, when it is determined that all the wire rope electric hoist parameters and performance indicators have no problem, this time you can really start using such equipment, remember to not exceed the specified load during normal operation, and can not exceed every hour. Limit the number of rated closings.  

Fifth, the use of wire rope electric hoist, remember not to hang the relevant lifting basket device and other tools in the middle of the air to leave, the staff must put all the tools in the specified position after each operation Leave the job site.

Sixth, for the many indicators and parameters of the wire rope electric hoist trial operation, should take corresponding records, such as dynamic load test and static load test. 

Seventh, any equipment after use for a period of time, there may be different fault problems or wear state, this time should develop a comprehensive maintenance program for the wire rope electric hoist to do the corresponding overhaul work.         

Nowadays, electric wire rope hoists have been widely used. It not only helps people improve their work efficiency in the industry. Some wire rope electric hoists can also be used for home decoration, and there is no pressure for private use, such as PA type miniature wire rope electric hoist. Of course, we must give full play to the advantages and skills of wire rope electric hoist. We need to master the correct operation specifications of electric hoist and pay attention to the operation.