Low clearance air chain electric hoist use precautions

Only safety-trained personnel can operate low-gap electric chain hoists
Do not operate low clearance air chain electric hoists in an explosive atmosphere
Do not use the hook end hanger below, it must be in the safety tongue
Do not use unqualified lifting chains
Do not use voltages outside the specified range In order to avoid electric shock, it is necessary to safely press the ground to operate the low clearance chain electric hoist.
Note that the power supply is three-phase or single-phase and voltage Low clearance air chain electric hoist should be installed on the structure with sufficient strength
Please remember to make sure that the motor has completely stopped before the reverse is left.
It is strictly prohibited to reverse the operation! When installing a low clearance electric chain hoist, do not pass the power cord through the ring above the gear box.
Do not overuse the limit switch device
Do not shake too much when lifting When lifting, do not perform lifting when the weight is unbalanced. Low clearance air chain electric hoist is a lifting tool that is strictly prohibited as a manned tool When the low-gap chain electric hoist is lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the heavy objects and in the range that can be endangered.