How to choose the right electric chain hoist

How to choose the right electric chain hoist? The lifting performance depends on its lifting capacity. The heavier the cargo, the better the performance, and the better the process. What kind of cargo is used? Such a chain electric hoist, do not use large materials, not to use small materials.

1. Some electric hoists use imported brand-name products for sales. Each product has a sign on it. Both of them have two-dimensional code for production. You can scan the two-dimensional code to identify the authenticity.

2. The electric chain hoist has various tonnages. According to the characteristics and weight of its products, choose the appropriate electric chain hoist, don't waste, and don't overload.

 3. The electric hoist has a certain strength and will not be damaged after being subjected to the load. It has a certain rigidity and has sufficient resistance to deformation. After being subjected to the load, its deformation (elongation, compression or bending, etc.) can be kept within the allowable range.

4. It is required to have sufficient ability to maintain the balance of  the original shape, that is, it should have a certain stability.