Explosion-proof electric hoist to ensure efficiency operation

When using an explosion-proof electric hoist, we must pay attention to safety, because safety is a key factor to ensure high efficiency operation. We need to pay attention to the following three points:
1. Before installation, we should count all the parts, and ensure the integrity and quality safety of each part as much as possible to avoid problems after installation;
2. Install in strict accordance with the installation standards. For example, when installing rails, it is critical to choose a relatively flat road surface;
3. Before turning on the power supply, it should be ensured that someone can stand or move inside the dangerous area of ​​the electric hoist, and the basic usage specifications of the operation of the electric hoist equipment must be observed.

The quality of our explosion-proof electric hoist is very good, in line with the "Explosion-proof beam electric hoist" standard, the technology is mature, reliable, simple structure, small size, light weight, easy to install, use and maintain. Environmental conditions: The working power supply is three-phase AC, rated frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 380V; working environment temperature is -20 ~ 40 °C. The relative humidity should not exceed 50% when working indoors at 40 °C, and the relative humidity allowed to be as high as 100% when working outdoors at 25 °C. The location of the installation and use is no more than 2000m above sea level. It is suitable for the maintenance and loading and unloading of mechanical workshops, warehouses, material yards and hydropower stations with medium and light working system. It is a lifting equipment used in China. This product is widely used in factories, warehouses and stockyards of chemical units. It has two forms: ground and driver's room. The driver's cab is divided into open and closed. The installation form is divided into left and right, and the entry direction is divided into side. End face, for users to choose according to their use.