Electric hoist control box normal working conditions

Today, explain one of the main components of electric hoist electric hoist control box, to understand the structure of electric hoist control box: control box consists of transformer, box, contactor, terminal block and so on. The electric hoist control box adopts organic chain high-quality AC contactor, which greatly improves the load and instantaneous overload capability, and has better accessibility, and is more suitable for the frequent operation of lifting appliances; the protective iron shell is formed by high-quality cold-rolled sheet stretching. , electrostatic spray. Multi-core cable and flashlight door of different lengths can also be provided according to user requirements; after the cover of the control box is uncovered, it can be detached from the hinge to facilitate user installation and maintenance; the control box has electrical chain and mechanical interlock that can be taken. The two contactors of the group cannot be connected to the circuit at the same time; each control box is equipped with an electrical schematic diagram, and the terminal has a clear number consistent with the schematic diagram, which is convenient for the user to repair and wire. The following are the conditions for the electric hoist control box to work properly:
1. The ambient air temperature is -20 ° C ~ +40 ° C;
2. Relative humidity of air: the lowest average humidity is 90%, and the average minimum temperature of the month is 25 °C, taking into account the condensation on the surface of the product due to temperature changes;
3. The workplace must be free of violent shaking and vibration;
4. In a non-explosive hazardous medium, and the medium is free of corrosive metals and gases and dust (including conductive dust) that damage the insulator;
5. The altitude does not exceed 2,500 meters;
6. In places where there is no rain or snow (except for rain control boxes).