Analyze the difference between CD1 and MD1 wire rope hoist

Wire rope electric hoist can realize flexible movement from top to bottom and left and right because of its own sports car. It is favored by new and old customers. Dongguan Pengxiang crane wire rope electric hoist mainly includes: CD1 single speed wire rope hoist, MD1 two-speed electric hoist, used for space The limited low clearance gourd, etc., CD1 is the most widely used, and it is mainly the difference between MD1 and MD1:  

       The CD1 type wire rope electric hoist uses a conical rotor motor with a brake. When the motor is not working, the conical brake holds the rear end cover of the motor and is always in the braking state. During operation, after the motor is connected to electricity, the conical rotor generates an axial magnetic pulling force, and the magnetic coupling force overcomes the spring force, so that the fan brake wheel drives the brake ring to disengage the rear end cover, and the motor operates normally. After the power is cut off, the axial magnetic pull force disappears. Under the action of the spring force, the fan brake wheel returns to the original state to achieve braking.       

  The MD1 type wire rope electric hoist is the same as the CD type electric hoist except that the hoisting motor is replaced by a two-speed motor unit. The motor unit consists of a main hoist motor, a slow hoist motor and a slow drive. When the main hoisting motor is working, because the slow hoisting motor is not in the braking state, the slow driving device does not work, and the rear end cover of the hoisting motor acts. When the slow hoisting motor works, the slow driving device drives the main Lifting cone rotor