Advantages and operation of the electric chain hoist

The electric chain hoist has many advantages. It can be equipped with electronic overload protection, equipped with reverse phase protection device, upper and lower limit device for controlling stroke, automatic brake function for power failure, reliable and easy to use double brake system, which can be automatically lower than safe load. Recovery, no need to adjust frequently. Made of alloy material and surface hardened for long life. The operation test method of the electric chain hoist is as follows:

(1) Press the button of the “down” button to operate the hoist to descend until the limit switch, at which time the motor will stop automatically.

(2) Press the button of the “up” button until the chain is fully retracted into the chain bag and the motor stops.

(3) Check the directionality of the chain entries. All the solder joints should be in the same direction. Only when all the chain solder joints are on the same line can the operation be completely determined.

(4) When the chain number of the main chain is double-chain or multi-chain, it is strictly forbidden to flip the lower hook from the chain to avoid danger.

(5) Check the lubrication of the lifting chain (the lifting chain is lubricated before leaving the factory, but it may be dry during transportation). Any off-the-shelf lubricant can be used to lubricate the lifting chain. We recommend you. Maintain a small amount of lubricant in the chain bag so that the chain can be immersed in the oil.